About Us

About the Brand

In the fragmented lives that we all lead today, there is one thing that binds us together and that is - The search for happiness. Without us knowing, without us planning, without us admitting; we all look forward to the little moments in life to surprise us. This is exactly what ‘Vismaya’ endeavors to achieve. It is a collection that is grounded in its roots and stretches its fingers towards the sky. Vismaya is for the woman who is not afraid to go that extra mile to make sure she stands out. It is for the woman who is the source of happiness, balance, and love in every life that she touches.

Vismaya celebrates the groundedness and the versatility of Indian art and seeks to add its own touch of contemporary to it. This is a collection that is sure to astonish, surprise, and awe you. We wish you a life full of ‘Vismaya’ moments and wish to be your companions on this path. Vismaya - A one-of-a-kind collection for the one-of-a-kind woman!

About the Creator

A commercial artist by profession, Shilpa Deshpande, is the creator of Vismaya. As she lovingly and passionately designs and crafts each piece, she stays true to her Indian roots. She believes in sticking to what she knows best - simplicity and elegance in design. The humble beginnings of Vismaya took root in the minds of two friends who believed in creating art that was unique and unusual. What started out as a collection of few hand-embroidered pieces, turned into a line of products that speak to the heart of the woman who stands empowered to create her own ’Vismaya’ moments.