Delivery Information



Vismaya Ethnicity accepts payments via all VISA & MasterCard branded cards . We also accept payment via PayPal or any other mode of payment as may be acceptable to us All such payment shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the online payment gateway mechanism. You understand that some or all aspects of the online payment modes may not be available at all times and we shall not be liable for the same. We may in our sole discretion impose limits on the number of transaction which an individual holding a financial instrument may use for payment.

We shall also not be responsible for any damages, interests or claims arising from not processing a transaction. We should receive any payment made by VISA/MASTER card or any other mode as mentioned above on time. If for any reason we do not receive payment from the credit card issuer or any agent involved in any of the above payment modes, you agree that you shall pay all amounts due upon demand by us.

We shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any transaction, on account of a Customer having exceeded the credit limit with their bank or for any payment issue arising out of the transaction.

You hereby agree to provide accurate information, for the purchases. You shall not use payment information or instrument that is not lawfully owned by you. We disclaim all liabilities arising out of loss of any information pertaining to the confidentiality of the credit/debit card details or pre-paid instrument account. In addition to these terms, the terms and conditions of the bank or other financial institution shall also be applicable to you. We disclaim any liability arising out of declining of payment by such bank or financial institution.


Customers usually receive their orders within 8-10 business days. However, this estimated time may alter or change due any unforeseen circumstances. The customer is responsible for any import duty or any other taxes that may be levied upon their order.

If you have any questions about the expected delivery period for your address, please call us at +91 9922 4088 02.


Vismaya Ethnicity offers a 30 day, no-questions-asked, replacement guarantee on all our products. Please get in touch with us within 30 days of receiving your order if you would like to have it replaced. We will provide a shipping address that you can ship your order back to. Vismaya Ethnicity will dispatch a replacement as soon as we receive your returned order.